That word would describe Bakermat’s music best. It’s the absolute main goal for the 26-year-
old from Amsterdam to create music that isn’t there yet. By combining genres that normally would
never be combined, the Dutchman always surprises both his fans and colleagues. And although his
productions are diverse, there is a key element that binds them all together: their feel-good sound.
Simply put, his music makes people really happy.

Lodewijk Fluttert, aka Bakermat, started to discover music in his early teens, influenced by his mother,
who is an opera singer, and dad, a fan of soul, funk and jazz. Already at an early age they showed him
the wonders of classical, jazz and soul music. Influences that today can still be found in his music.
It all started back in 2012, when Bakermat first reached the charts with his debut-single ‘One Day
(Vandaag)’. Since then he built up a loyal worldwide fan base, consisting of young people looking for
something else than mainstream or underground music. Bakermat is proud to be in the grey area
between these two, serving people with fresh, original and creative music without being
incomprehensible or cheesy.

Besides music Bakermat often distinguishes himself with his live performances as well. Adding live-
musicians at his performances and hosting his own concept ‘Bakermat presents The Circus’ he’s
shown that he is more than just a producer. In the past years Bakermat hosted his own circus events
in cities like London, New York, Amsterdam, Paris and Rio de Janeiro. He’s also a regular host of
stages at Tomorrowland, Airbeat One Festival and other big festivals.

Bakermat took a 4 month break off touring in 2018 to focus on experimenting with music full time, to
come up with new ideas and techniques. This resulted in a lot of new music scheduled to be released
this year. The music will vary in genre and style but will always contain the main ingredient that makes
it all typically Bakermat: a feel-good sound.

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